the Oncology Centre in Warsaw

Voluntary work in the Oncology Centre in Warsaw

I am the most proud of my CAS activity for service – volunteering in the Oncology Centre in Warsaw. I visit the Centre every weekwarsaw-the-maria-skodowska-curie-memorial-cancer-center_medium_landscape. I talk with patients and help them with daily problems. Also, I keep them company, which is my the most important task. What is more, I take part in workshops organized by the charity foundation which oversee voluntary service in the Oncology Centre. I have already attended four courses- introduction to oncology, radiology, chemotherapy and about pain relief. Thanks to them, I know more about the nature and possible ways of treatment the disease which stricken my patients. Furthermore, both voluntary service and workshops have influenced my IB choices- I have decided to write my Biology Internal Assessment on relationship between alcohol consumption and the rate of gastric cancer incidences in selected European countries. This activity brings a sense of accomplishment to me, because patients appreciate my work and they are glad that someone wants to spend their free time doing something for others. It gives me a motivational boost and encourages me to continue my voluntary work in the hospital. Also, thanks to my CAS service I prepare myself to be a doctor in the future. I want to study medicine, so my CAS experience gives me the chance to see what challenges doctors have to face. I know more about public healthcare realities due to the fact that I have been a volunteer in the Oncology Centre, which is the biggest oncology hospital in Poland.

Ewelina Truszkowska


Global Outreach and Project abroad

Throughout the school year and summer holidays our IB department takes part in a variety of different exchange programs. The organisations that we work with are Global Outreach program and Project Abroad.

Since 2012 our school has been invited to participate in Global outreach program , which allows students from our school and all over eastern Europe to undertake the opportunity of experiencing the life of a typical American teenager for a whole school year. All of our girls that partake in this program thourly enjoy their stay and say it’s an experience like no other. In the school year 2014/2015 Adrianna Packiewicz, which currently attends 1st IB and Dominika Wismiewska a student from 2IB)where chosen to represent our school in America. Here’s what Ada said about her stay

“The day I arrived in Chicago wasn’t, the best one in my life, every single one of the selected students was just exhausted… The day became the most crazy, overwhelming, and for sure the longest day in my life. After all formal meetings, and the short orientation, the time to meet the host family finally came. That was probably one of the most scary moments in that whole year, but as always, it turned out that there was nothing to be afraid of. I got the best family I could possibly ask for. What made my stay so awesome, were people. So kind, so open, so welcoming. Every single person I met in the U.S. taught me a lesson. My family and my friends, each one of them opened my eyes to something new that I couldn’t see before. I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to take part in this program” –Adrianna Packiewicz


As mentioned before we also work with Project abroad which is an organisation that allows people age 16-19 or 16-75 to become volunteers in less economically developed countries. There is a variety of voluntary wok that is evaluable from helping children to gaining medical experience .In the summer of 2015 Wiktoria Kulczynska (klasa) and Halinka Rzewuska, which attends 1stIB decided to undergo the medical and Spanish voluntary course. Here’s what she had to say

“I went for the medicine& Spanish programme to Argentina. During my 4 week stay there i was able to visit different hospitals and learn new things. It was awesome to work with doctors who help patients with various problems. I have seen surgeries, dog castration, dead woman’s body in museum of anatomy and people with different injuries. In the evening or at the activities such as bowling, horseback riding or travelled to other nearby cities. It was also great fun to eat traditional Argentinian food, meet new people and get to know local customs and culture. I enjoyed every second of my stay there. It was adventure of my life!”-Halinka Rzewuska