the Oncology Centre in Warsaw

Voluntary work in the Oncology Centre in Warsaw

I am the most proud of my CAS activity for service – volunteering in the Oncology Centre in Warsaw. I visit the Centre every weekwarsaw-the-maria-skodowska-curie-memorial-cancer-center_medium_landscape. I talk with patients and help them with daily problems. Also, I keep them company, which is my the most important task. What is more, I take part in workshops organized by the charity foundation which oversee voluntary service in the Oncology Centre. I have already attended four courses- introduction to oncology, radiology, chemotherapy and about pain relief. Thanks to them, I know more about the nature and possible ways of treatment the disease which stricken my patients. Furthermore, both voluntary service and workshops have influenced my IB choices- I have decided to write my Biology Internal Assessment on relationship between alcohol consumption and the rate of gastric cancer incidences in selected European countries. This activity brings a sense of accomplishment to me, because patients appreciate my work and they are glad that someone wants to spend their free time doing something for others. It gives me a motivational boost and encourages me to continue my voluntary work in the hospital. Also, thanks to my CAS service I prepare myself to be a doctor in the future. I want to study medicine, so my CAS experience gives me the chance to see what challenges doctors have to face. I know more about public healthcare realities due to the fact that I have been a volunteer in the Oncology Centre, which is the biggest oncology hospital in Poland.

Ewelina Truszkowska


One thought on “the Oncology Centre in Warsaw

  1. Michalina

    Good to hear that they are teenagers who think about others and spend their time with the sick.
    Just hope that they not only think about “strangest” but also about their family and relatives (visit their grandparents or call them every week, visit them in hospitals etc.) The sad thing is to see old people waiting for their grandchildren to visit and no one to come…


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