Henna or Mehndi art is a very common way of beautification for many eastern women but now it is a growing way of art in Europe and America.where-to-get-a-henna-tattoo1

As Pakistani henna has been a very important part of culture in my life. I had grown great interest in henna designing from a very early childhood maybe when I couldn`t even draw perfectly. Doing henna needs a lot of practice to make precise designs; it is a work of patience and also enjoyment. It is a talent gifted to some.

IB has given me the opportunity to actually do something creative that l have passion for. Doing CAS provided me with opportunities to demonstrate my special talent gifted to me by Almighty. Henna art has a very special place in my heart; something that has always given me happiness and satisfaction doing it also having on myself has become a big part of my personality. I usually have henna done for myself too.

I have done henna both as creativity and service. For creativity I have done many henna designs on people around me especially family, friends and school mates. AS in for service I had participated in a charity function as represented of Pakistani culture; the money I earned by doing henna were donated. Also on religious Islamic festivals I have volunteered g henna at Eid (Muslim celebration) get-togethers and functions in mosque. In addition to these services mentioned, I volunteered at school carnival too to do henna; it was great experience and a tiring one too, ding almost henna for whole school and many teachers. The next day after the carnival I could see at school each girl having at least one hand done with henna. It was a great and satisfying or me.

Overall, doing henna as my CAS has given me opportunity to practice especially patience. It has also acted as a medium of interacting and understanding different with different backgrounds. I think henna although just a hobby have made me feel very satisfied and happy and I know this is the best activity I could ever do for my CAS.


Tehreem Bhutta


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